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Why Me?

Bradley Carter harnesses the power of storytelling to captivate, inspire, and transform lives. With a unique perspective and deep understanding of human emotions, he crafts unforgettable characters and heart-pounding plots that resonate with readers.

Bradley’s journey began unexpectedly. A movie enthusiast, he never imagined falling in love with books until a friend encouraged him to channel his experiences from a toxic relationship into writing. He chose to tell his story through a novel, creating “Red Flags” and igniting a passion for storytelling.

Through dedication and an insatiable desire to learn, Bradley mastered the art of crafting emotionally gripping thrillers. He believes the key lies in authentic emotions and multi-dimensional characters that leave a lasting impact.

Bradley pushes the boundaries of the thriller genre, aiming to create novels that entertain, challenge perceptions, and stimulate the mind. With meticulous research, psychological exploration, and unexpected twists, he elevates the genre to new heights.

Working on Bodhi Crocodile


Award-winner from AudioFile Magazine. (audiobook narrated by Troy Duran)

Bodhi Crocodile 1

First-place winner for Best Psychological Thriller – Spring 2022, Bookfest Awards.

In This Room

Award-winner from AudioFile Magazine. (audiobook narrated by Troy Duran)

Bodhi Crocodile 2

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