Bradley Carter

Bradley Carter is an acclaimed, independent author of riveting thrillers, a master storyteller in the making, and a prodigy of twisted plots that tamper with your psyche, tug at your emotions and drag you along on a suspenseful, page-turning ride.

Originally from Evansville, Indiana, Bradley has since made his home in Indianapolis where he seamlessly juggles his rigorous career as a paramedic with his love for penning captivating thrillers. Despite his busy professional life, he finds time to delve into suspense, crafting narratives that are an exciting departure from his day-to-day reality.

Bradley is known for his ability to ravish his audience with clever presentations and engaging characters. His tear-jerking crime thriller “Bodhi Crocodile,” and its sequel, “Part 2: The Button,” both won awards from AudioFile Magazine.

His tenth novel, “In This Room,” won first-place for Best Psychological Thriller at the BookFest Spring 2022 Awards, and landed on Amazon’s Top-10 Bestseller list in the domestic and psychological thriller categories.

His thrillers are not just stories, but immersive expeditions that navigate the complex terrain of psychology and the gritty realities of city streets.

Bradley plays with your mind, pushing buttons and pulling levers of emotion, making you feel every heartbeat, every gasp of surprise, every shiver of fear. Yet, despite the wild ride, you always safely returned to reality, a little shaken, but craving the next adventure.

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