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In This Room

🏆 First Place Winner for Best Psychological Thriller

BookFest Award Winner

The perfect life comes at a price.
It comes with strings attached.
Packaged in darkness.
And shipped from the depths of hell.
Calvin and Addelyn Delacroix were lifelong sweethearts who married right after college. With an inherited wealth and the birth of their daughter, they were destined to live a life of means.
After moving into a new home, Calvin slipped into a dark state of mind. As his darker secrets unraveled, he led those closest to him kicking and screaming into the deepest parts of his insanity.
Now, he meets with an appraiser, Wayne Graves, to rummage through what’s left of the Delacroix’s property. As they revisit each room, Calvin is torn between memories of the wholesome life he shared with his family and the blood-stained ruins of a nightmare he put them through. In time, he discovers the past, no matter what he remembers, is not always what it seems to be.



“Beautifully written for such an eerie tale.”

“Intense. Straight got me hooked at the beginning.”

“This is one of the strangest, most intriguing novels I’ve read.”

“The twist is superb, the storytelling is chilling, the talent Bradley Cater displays is outstanding.”

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