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The Bodhi Crocodile series.

An award-winning story created by Bradley Carter

The title whispers innocence. The story screams suspense. And silence speaks volumes.

The Bodhi Crocodile series follows a gentle, mute man with a childlike persona as he ventures into the broader world for the first time with his beloved toy crocodile. When Bodhi wanders beyond his sheltered home, he finds himself embroiled in the ongoing struggle between good and evil. Initially protected by four kind strangers, Bodhi is soon forced to stand against those who do harm, including crazed psychopaths, warring mafia syndicates, dangerous cults, and other ruthless enemies.
Bodhi Crocodile 1
Bodhi Crocodile 2
Bodhi Crocodile 3
Bodhi Crocodile Part 4: Vigilante

Each book charts a new threat, pushing Bodhi to overcome his innocent past and become an unlikely hero. With suspenseful, twisting plots full of complex characters, this series explores the power of human connection in the face of adversity. While maintaining his gentle nature, Bodhi evolves across the series from vulnerable innocent to formidable protector, determined to shield the city from escalating chaos and destruction. Brimming with action, emotion, the Bodhi Crocodile books offer an uplifting message about finding inner strength through compassion.

Available as Audiobooks

“The Bodhi Crocodile series is one big character arc, representing the childish innocence we once had and lost when life injected us into the real world. I feel that’s why so many people attach to this beloved character. Bodhi is my pride and joy, my lightning in a bottle, and my best imaginary friend.”

-Bradley Carter

“Bodhi Crocodile” has earned its award-winning status from AudioFile Magazine thanks to audiobook narrator Troy Duran who brings this suspenseful saga to life.

Audiobook narrator, Troy Duran
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