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Bodhi Crocodile

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Bodhi Crocodile

Suspense / Crime / Thriller / Tear-jerker / Series

Don’t let the title fool you; this is not a children’s book.

Follow the story of a gentle mute man whose childlike grace captures the hearts of four strangers, who must unite to protect him from a crazed psychopath. This novel will take you on an emotional journey that will shake and restore your faith in humanity. With its page-turning plot, complex characters and a story that will keep you guessing until the end, Bodhi Crocodile is a must-read for fans of suspenseful thrillers. Be prepared to shed a few tears as you experience the power of humanity in the face of evil. Buy now and immerse yourself in this heart-rending tale.

 Bodhi Crocodile is the first book of an award-winning series.

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“Made me cry twice!”

“Bodhi is the hero we didn’t know we needed.”

“Having a box of tissue next to you comes in handy.”

“By the end of this fantastic story, I was a sobbing mess but in a good way.”

“I absolutely loved it!”

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Author’s stance

“There’s an idea that entertains me when it comes to finding something worth writing. Running parallel to our reality is a world of fiction. In that world, characters wander around, peeking through one-sided windows, searching for someone to tell their story. They may pass over someone who’s new and needs more experience or an author who works in a different genre. Once a character finds someone worthy, they enter that author’s imagination. That’s how I met Bodhi. He’s the one character I hold closest to my heart. Except for being the author and narrator, I take no credit for this book. This is Bodhi’s story, not mine.”

—Bradley Carter


The name Bodhi means ‘awakened’ or ‘enlightenment.’ It’s the concept of a Buddhist spiritual exemption from the cycle of life. A two-year-old certainly would have no way of knowing this. To him, the meaning was something else, something only he would know for that very moment and later grow to forget. For others, it was nothing more than two random syllables spit from the small child’s salivating lips, now giving a name to a stranger. From that moment forward, Bodhi was the only name the stranger would answer to.

Watching Bodhi’s child-like amusement for the characters on the screen, Alvie pushed back and forth in the rocking chair with the heel of his foot.
“I like these movies,” he said, setting his empty cup at his feet and taking a swig straight from the bottle. “Especially these old-time gangsters and their names. Ya know? Ice Pick Willie. Joe Bananas. Cadillac Frank.”
Bodhi raised his head. A drunken Alvie leaned forward and clicked his teeth, pointed his fingers like a pistol.
“You should have a mobster name too.”
Bodhi grinned, shooting his pistol-shaped hand back at his friend. Alvie, pretending to be shot, groaning and covering his liquor-filled stomach. He stumbled forward and fell, landing on the floor, on his belly. Bodhi sat up, ready to help him, but Alvie laughed and rolled onto his back, careful not to spill the bottle.
“I’m okay, Bodhi.” He threw his hand, hiding his concern like his father once did. “Bodhi, the most ruthless gangster  ridding the world of evil. “
Alvie’s eyes closed.
“Bodhi, Bodhi…Bodhi the Crocodile.