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Don’t let the title fool you. This is not a children’s book.

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“Bodhi represents the childish innocence we once had and lost when life injected us into the real world. I feel that’s why so many people relate to him. He reminds us of how simple life once was. He’s my pride and joy, my lightning in a bottle, and my best imaginary friend. I didn’t choose him to be a character; he chose me to tell his story.”

- Bradley Carter

The Bodhi Crocodile Series

Bodhi Crocodile 1
Bodhi Crocodile 2
Bodhi Crocodile 3
Bodhi Crocodile Part 4: Vigilante

“Bodhi Crocodile” earned his award-winning status from AudioFile Magazine thanks to audiobook narrator Troy Duran who helps brings this suspenseful saga to life.

Bodhi and Troy Duran (audiobook narrator)Bodhi and Troy Duran (audiobook narrator)

“The well-realized characters, riveting plot, and masterful delivery make audio a must.”

“This heartbreaking and heartwarming story is ideal for those who enjoy a gritty listening experience.

- AudioFile Magazine

Common Questions

Why doesn’t Bodhi speak? Is there something wrong with him?

Nothing at all. Bodhi represents the childhood innocence we all once had. To have him speak would tarnish that trait. (The first thing a lawyer will say when you’re in trouble: Keep your mouth shut.)

What’s Bodhi’s obsession with crocodiles?

Opposition. Crocodiles are one of the most vicious species on the planet. Bodhi loves the cartoonish, plush, fun crocodiles. Think about it.


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