“This heartbreaking and heartwarming story is ideal for those who enjoy a gritty experience.”
AudioFile Magazine

Bodhi Crocodile Part 2: The Button

The need for a hero is never short.

A new menace rises to power, rippling the water between two mafia syndicates.

When rivals feud for control, one man and his toy crocodile stand between order and anarchy. Bodhi’s struggle to cope with previous tragedy puts him in a position to play hunter instead of prey.

For the villainous Enzo ‘The Sting’ DiGiovanni and his crew, Bodhi Crocodile is a deadly force to be reckoned with.

This pulse-pounding sequel will rivet you, sparing no one’s safety, not even your own.

Don’t wait for the smoke to clear.
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“Bodhi’s endearing personality really shines, the villains made my skin crawl, and the cliff hanger leaves me wanting more.”

“Bradley Carter drops you back into the world of the lovable hitter, the most feared gangster of them all, Bodhi the Crocodile. If you thought Skinner was a scary villain, this one will haunt your nightmares afterwards.”

The story continues…

Bodhi Crocodile 1
Bodhi Crocodile 2Bodhi Crocodile 2
Bodhi Crocodile Part 4: Vigilante
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