Bodhi Crocodile

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Bodhi Crocodile Part 2: The Button

Suspense / Crime / Thriller / Tear-jerker / Series


When a ruthless killer rises to power, tensions flare between two rival mafia families. One side hires a contract killer to eliminate this threat. Bodhi, struggling with past loss and tragedy, finds himself at the center of this war between the syndicates, switching roles from prey to hunter. The villainous Enzo DiGiovanni and his crew soon learn that Bodhi is a formidable opponent.

Bodhi Crocodile Part 2 The Button is the second installment of an award-winning series.

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“This heartbreaking and heartwarming story is ideal for those who enjoy a gritty experience.” AudioFile Magazine

“I just love everything about this book! The intensity, the suspense, and the grittiness of the story will get and keep you on the edge of your seat. And that one major twist was totally wicked!”

“Bodhi’s endearing personality really shines, the villains made my skin crawl, and the cliff hanger leaves me wanting more. I cannot wait for Part 3!”

“Bradley Carter drops you back into the world of the lovable hitter, the most feared gangster of them all, Bodhi the Crocodile. If you thought Skinner was a scary villain, this one will haunt your nightmares afterwards.”

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Author’s stance

“With the first book, when the last word was printed on the last page, I knew Bodhi wasn’t finished. My biggest fear writing a second installment was not knowing if I could recapture the magic he shared. Then, I remembered one thing, and all my concerns went away. This is Bodhi’s story, not mine.”

—Bradley Carter


Enzo rages with a roaring voice.
His head tilts down, with his eyes rolling upward at the balcony. Stretching an evil grin across his face, Enzo paces toward the staircase, mumbling under his breath.
“Come out, come out, wherever you are, Bodhi the Crocodile.”

Bodhi tried picturing his dad but struggled to remember the details of his face. The best way to recall someone’s appearance is to reflect on a specific context, like when Bodhi was young on the days Willian left for work. He would kneel and hug his son tight.
“Remember, Goodbye is not forever.”
He would pat Bodhi twice on the head and ruffle his hair.

“Goodbye is only for today.”