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Bodhi Crocodile 5: Hellfire

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The notorious Hellfire biker gang, led by the formidable Dixie ‘Riot’ Valentina, is back to reclaim the city, bringing chaos in their wake.
When Riot approaches Anna with a shocking claim of family ties, a twisted dance of truth and lies begins.

A mysterious song left behind by Anna’s father holds the key to unraveling a secret capable of inciting an all-out war and will test the fates of friends and foes alike.

Bodhi must draw on his boundless spirit of kindness and unwavering courage to navigate this spiral of deception and revelation.

Bodhi Crocodile 5 Hellfire Sprite

Meet “Sprite”

Sprite is the youngest member of the Hellfire motorcycle gang, known for his playful pranks and fun-loving nature. Despite his tough exterior, he’s the heart and soul of the group, always ready to lighten the mood. Sprite’s loyalty to his gang is unwavering, and his quick thinking often gets them out of tight spots.

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