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“Well-rounded characters, a riveting plot, and masterful delivery.” AudioFile Magazine

Bodhi Crocodile 1Bodhi Crocodile 1

When a gentle, mute man with a childlike persona wanders into the world from his sheltered home, four strangers, each haunted by their own demons, unite to protect him from a crazed psychopath. But the stakes were far beyond what they could ever imagine.

With its complex characters and a twisted plot that will keep you guessing until the end, Bodhi Crocodile is a must-read for fans of suspenseful thrillers.

So, grab a box of tissues, prepare to shed a few tears, and immerse yourself in this heartrending tale as you uncover the power of humanity in the face of evil.

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“Made me cry twice!”

“Bodhi is the hero we didn’t know we needed.”

“Having a box of tissue next to you comes in handy.”

“By the end of this fantastic story, I was a sobbing mess but in a good way.”

The story continues…

Bodhi Crocodile 1
Bodhi Crocodile 2Bodhi Crocodile 2
Bodhi Crocodile Part 4: Vigilante
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