When it comes to love…
…fake it ’til you make it.

Felix has problems.

An embarrassing health issue keeps him from making a move on Brittney, his dazzling co-worker.

Enter the secret weapon: a life-sized replica of Brittney, a sex doll he calls ‘Brightside.’
He adorns it in her style, involves it in activities she’d love, and showers it with the affection he yearns to express to the real love of his life.

But Felix’s reality becomes stranger than his fantasies.
To make matters worse, his smooth-talking boss also vies for Brittney’s affection.
And if that wasn’t enough, his persistent stalker threatens to expose his secrets.

Buy it now and fall in love, plastic-style!



Disturbingly creepy and hilarious.

Never before has there been a more intimidating dildo scene.

This story is insane and fantastic! I love it!

So many intense scenes that leave you with laughter.

Five bright f-bombing stars!

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