February 7-10

The Heartbeat of Kansas City

In a serendipitous twist of fate, my personal connections have led me on a literary journey that has made Kansas City, Missouri, the backdrop for all of my books. The best part is, I’ve never been there.

It all began with “Red Flags,” a story born from the ashes of a toxic relationship. A single scene in the novel featured a character taking a trip to a suburb of Kansas City. Little did I know, this fleeting moment would set the stage for my entire literary career.

Enter Jaime, my editor and the inspiration for a recurring character in my books—Officer Avery Mayfield, who requested to become a part of the stories. But what’s a police officer without a city to protect? Rather than relocating Avery from book to book, I decided to create a rich and cohesive universe for my novels, with the streets of Kansas City anchoring each new story.

The upcoming AWP conference in February 2024 will bring me face-to-face with the city that has been my muse and my passion. It’s as if I’m about to meet dear friends, my characters, for the very first time.

Speaking of characters, it wouldn’t be fair to discuss my connection to Kansas City without mentioning the character who has captured the hearts of countless readers: Bodhi Crocodile. Bodhi’s heartfelt tale has struck a chord with fans, making him the most lovable and adorable character in my literary universe. I’m so excited for the people of this great city to meet their hometown hero.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’m going all out at the AWP conference. Instead of a mere table, I’ll be hosting a full-blown Bodhi extravaganza at my booth! This will be the ultimate destination for fans of the series, with all of my previous works available for free!
(Yes, you read it right, free!)

The AWP Conference/Book Fair will take place from February 7-10, 2024.

Kansas City, here I come!