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🗓️ AWP Conference / Book Fair ’23

Seattle, Washington
March 8–11, 2023

awp seattle
I returned home from the AWP convention with a sense of accomplishment, a whole heart, and my mind buzzing with fresh ideas and renewed inspiration. I carry the memories of the fantastic people I met, the stories we shared, and the transformative power of literature that binds us all. To all the incredible souls I met at AWP Seattle 2023, thank you for sharing your light and inspiring me to be a better author. Until we meet again, may our paths continue to be guided by the magic of writing.
On a more personal note, even though the trip was amazing, and the convention was phenomenal, my favorite part of this venture to Seattle was the fortune of encountering an incredibly warm and convivial group of individuals hailing from the vibrant city of Dublin, Ireland.

Our connection was instantaneous, and as we shared stories, laughter, and cultural exchanges, it was clear that the bonds of friendship were quickly solidifying. As the hotel bar drew the curtains on the night, this lively Irish crew extended an invitation to continue our revelries, having procured a fine selection of beers from a nearby liquor store.

The camaraderie that ensued was truly memorable. Though our paths have since diverged, I hope that one day our journeys will converge once more, allowing us to rekindle the delightful memories forged in that enchanting Seattle week.

Sending love around the world to Shane and Clair O’Kelly, their friends and family.

– Bradley Carter (20% Irish)


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