“Tomorrowland” (Kindle Edition) – Out Now!


Originally slated for release on April 30th, you can now dive into the Kindle edition for $0.99 (FREE for Kindle Unlimited) and embark on a mind-bending journey like never before.
***Paperback is coming soon!

The wait for the new pulse-pounding psychological thriller is over – ahead of schedule!
Tomorrowland marks the 12th novel from author, Bradley Carter.

Narrated through six unique perspectives, this supernatural psychological thriller will delve deep into each character’s struggles, desires, and fears. With the lines between right and wrong blurring, you’ll be forced to confront the darkness within yourself and the chilling consequences of unchecked ambition.

So, why wait? Immerse yourself in Tomorrowland and experience a thrilling tale that will leave you questioning the limits of morality and the human mind. Grab your Kindle copy today and embark on an unforgettable journey!


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Bradley Carter is an independent author of riveting thrillers, a master storyteller in the making, and a prodigy of twisted plots that tamper with your psyche, tug at your emotions and drag you along on a suspenseful, page-turning ride.

Bradley is known for his ability to captivate his audience with clever presentations and engaging characters. His tear-jerking crime thriller Bodhi Crocodile, and its sequel, Part 2: The Button, both won awards from AudioFile Magazine. His tenth novel, In This Room, won first-place for Best Psychological Thriller in the BookFest Spring 2022 Awards, and landed on Amazon’s Top-10 Bestseller list in the domestic and psychological thriller categories.

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