Red Flags Vol 2

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Red Flags (Volume 2)

The past continues and leads us to a future where bad things await. Darren Holt tries to convince his therapist, Dr. Ellis, to accept that history is warning her of an imminent living nightmare. It’s important she recognizes the signs for the sake of her children, who may very well be in danger. Regardless of the evidence her patient presents, she remains skeptical.

However, as Darren tells the second half of his story, he battles with his conscience to decide whether or not the good doctor deserves to know what lies ahead. In the midst of his tragedy, when he needed her the most, she wasn’t there him. She may as well be as guilty as those who have betrayed him. If she hasn’t seen the signs by now, her betrayal may outweigh his efforts to help. Whatever his decision, Darren’s story serves as a warning to the rest of us that bad things are coming.

The saga continues with Red Flags Volume 2.

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