Red Flags Vol 1

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Red Flags (Volume 1)

With the help of his therapist, software engineer Darren Holt struggles to put his tragedy behind him. He’s a survivor in a tale of lies, betrayal, and bloodshed. His experience was life-changing, and all he wants now is to leave it behind where it belongs—in the past.

Unfortunately, bad memories are not so easy to escape, and in this case, for good reason. To Darren, reliving recent history has brought back forgotten details. Things that seemed to have been trying to warn him long ago, before everything went wrong.There were signs, omens, innuendos, and messages hidden in colors and numbers. The more he remembers, the more questions arise to taunt his mind. Would these warnings have made any change in the outcome, had he simply noticed them before? More importantly, after all this time, why are they just now coming to light?
Unbeknownst to anyone else, an evil force is stirring in the shadows of the city. As it turns out, Darren’s recent horror is nothing compared to what lies ahead. And if no one is watching for them, these same types of warnings may go unnoticed in the future, and their attempts at preventing a living nightmare for the rest of us will fail.
Alongside Dr. Ellis, Darren tells his story once more, but this time, with all of the red flags in their place.

Red Flags Volume 1 is Bradley Carter’s very first novel.

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