Are you kidding? Have you seen the size of the head that sits on my shoulders? It’s too big for any hats. That’s because it’s filled with so many ideas and stories. I have never experienced writer’s block because there is always one more story on my list that’s just waiting to be told. However, I don’t remember where I heard this tip, but if you’re struggling with ideas for a story, take a look to your left and pick one item. Then, turn to your right and select a second item. Once you have both, try to find a way to tell how the two things connect.
Example: (left) I see a trash bag. (right) I see a mop. Obviously, my character is cleaning. So, why are they cleaning? Are they getting rid of evidence? If so, who is dead? Why are they dead? How did they die? Who killed them?
And so on, and so on.