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From the Sky: Burn, Baby, Burn

Suspense / Thriller / Mini-series
Released: TBA

PART 1 of 4
Quincy Mayfield was born in rural Nevada on his family’s farmland. That same year, something fell from the sky and landed on their property. Despite not knowing its origin or purpose, the object’s significance became apparent when the military tried to seize it. Following a tragedy that left him disfigured as an infant, Quincy grew up to protect his family’s secret with a determination to uncover its power. However, his actions unwittingly set in motion a chain of events that would lead to the end of humanity.

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I loved my family without knowing them, the same way a parent loves their unborn child before it’s expected and conceived, loving the idea of their existence.
That’s how I loved my family.
I will never know my mother’s face or how it felt for her to hold me.
I will never know my father’s comfort or hear his voice telling me I was special.
These trivial things do not bother me.
After all, if not for their deaths, I would not have survived.
Then again, maybe that is not such a good thing after all.

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