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From the Sky: Burn, Baby, Burn

Suspense / Thriller / Mini-series
Released: TBA

PART 1 of 4
Quincy Mayfield was born in rural Nevada on his family’s farmland. That same year, something fell from the sky and landed on their property. Despite not knowing its origin or purpose, the object’s significance became apparent when the military tried to seize it. Following a tragedy that left him disfigured as an infant, Quincy grew up to protect his family’s secret with a determination to uncover its power. However, his actions unwittingly set in motion a chain of events that would lead to the end of humanity.

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Everything you depend on is here because of us. So many lives were lost to gain this power, but we didn’t know it would bring us to an end. If we could have foreseen this outcome, we would have ensured our discovery never saw the light of day.

We found it only by accident, and our curiosity took the best of us and clouded our judgment. Now that we have this, we wish we could rid ourselves of it, as we’re confident you do too. So many bad people tried to take it away and use it to their advantage. At the very least, we are thankful we acquired it first. But even though it never fell into the wrong hands, it will inevitably destroy everything. So please accept our sincerest apologies.

The only advice we can give you is to take your last moments and go home. Reminisce your fondest memories with your family. Tell those closest to you that you love them. Kiss your spouse. Hold your children.

When it comes for you, RUN!

If you can’t run, HIDE!

If there’s no place to hide, FIGHT!

If you’re not strong enough to fight, SURRENDER!

If you refuse to surrender, then REMEMBER your life has meaning.

BELIEVE you served a purpose.

Close your eyes.

Accept your fate.

Then, let it all go.

Please don’t hold us responsible. Like you, we are only human. We didn’t plan this, and we certainly never asked for it. It came to us many decades ago when it fell from the sky.


The A Corporation