by | Feb 9, 2023

We are a month away from the AWP Conference / Book Fair in Seattle. Until then, I am working on the outline for “Bodhi Crocodile Part 4: Vigilante” and the completion of my twelfth novel, “Tomorrowland.” Unfortunately, it will not be available when my plane lands in Seattle. The book is currently in the editing process and scheduled for release on April 30th. (Maybe sooner, if we’re lucky.) In the meantime, you can read a free sample chapter on the “Tomorrowland” page.

On a personal note, this will be my first time flying on an airplane and my first time visiting the west coast. However, I’m bringing some friends, including Bodhi Crocodile, Roland Coyne, Sierra Preston, Calvin Delacroix, and Anastasia Euthanasia.

Also, I’m sharing my exhibit with voice-over artist Brandon Pollock, who recorded the audiobook for “In This Room” and will be narrating Roland’s father in the upcoming “Tomorrowland.”

Have you ever been to Seattle? Is there anything you recommend seeing, doing, or experiencing while I’m there?


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