Chat GPT: 10 Ridiculous Products

by | Feb 24, 2023

I asked Chat GPT to come up with 10 ridiculous products to sell.

An “anti-gravity” hat that supposedly makes the wearer immune to the effects of gravity, allowing them to float effortlessly.

A “teleportation machine” that promises to instantly transport users to any location in the world, but actually just creates a hologram of the destination.

A “time-travel watch” that claims to allow users to travel through time, but actually just changes the color of the watch face.

A “mind-reading” helmet that supposedly allows users to read other people’s thoughts, but actually just plays pre-recorded messages.

A “superpower serum” that claims to give users superhuman abilities, but actually just contains ordinary vitamins.

A “self-flying car” that promises to transport users to their destination without any input from the driver, but actually just falls apart when it gets above 50 miles per hour.

A “cat translator” device that supposedly translates meows into human language, but actually just emits random sounds.

A “ghost detector” that claims to be able to detect and communicate with ghosts, but actually just beeps randomly.

A “water-to-wine” machine that supposedly turns water into wine, but actually just dispenses cheap grape juice.

A “luck magnet” that promises to attract good luck to the user, but actually just contains a small magnet.


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