Chat GPT: 10 Funny Things You Don’t Pack on a Flight

by | Feb 28, 2023

As I prepare for my trip to Seattle, I asked Chap GPT to list 10 funny and ridiculous things you don’t pack on a flight.

A full-size kitchen sink

Because you never know when you might need to wash some dishes mid-flight.

A live chicken

Because who doesn’t want to enjoy fresh eggs for breakfast while on the go?

A pogo stick

for some in-flight exercise and entertainment.

A watermelon

Because it’s important to stay hydrated, and what better way than with a juicy watermelon?

A snorkeling set

Just in case the plane lands in the ocean and you need to explore the underwater world.

A giant inflatable unicorn

Because who wouldn’t want to ride a magical unicorn through the skies?

A full-sized Christmas tree

For those who just can’t wait for the holidays to start.

A suitcase filled with rocks

To work on your strength training while in transit.

A live octopus

For those who want to make their own sushi on the plane.

A flamethrower

Because why not? It’s not like there are any rules against it, right?
(Note: Do not actually attempt to bring a flamethrower on a flight, as it is highly dangerous and prohibited.)


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