AI Tools for Authors

Cutting-edge AI tools designed to empower authors, enhancing creativity and efficiency in the writing process through advanced language models and intuitive interfaces.

Editor Pro
Editor Pro is a free GPT designed to provide a balanced approach to both grammatical precision and stylistic finesse. Whether it’s a novel, an article, or any piece of writing, Editor Pro is here to refine and elevate your work.
Character Creator
Character Creator focuses on creating unique character names and profiles, offering choices between male, female, or gender-neutral names. The GPT provides simple character profiles, each featuring a unique trait that sets them apart. This approach supports the creation of distinctive characters suitable for various narrative genres. The GPT’s assistance is concise and creative, helping authors craft compelling characters for their stories.
Screenplay Adapter

Screenplay Adapter takes on the role of a professional screenwriter, offering suggestions to change book chapters into screenplay format.

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